Spiritual times


Days organised around the Eucharist and community prayers

The chapel is always available for worship and private prayer. Participants gradually become familiar with liturgical texts and prayers in the French language.


Daily spiritual life

This is organised by the community of Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul (Italy), who live in the abbey. The students take it in turns to take part in prayer times and the Eucharist, by doing readings, singing or playing a musical instrument.

The priests who are students can celebrate or concelebrate the mass.


A community that extends beyond the centre

At Mission-Langues, we know that the missionary life is made up of actions and meetings. That is why students are sometimes given the chance to participate in a range of activities taking place in surrounding parishes and dioceses. They are also regularly invited to the homes of local French families. A unique occasion to live their faith and their religious engagement, all while practising their French outside the centre.

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