French courses at Mission-Langues

Custom-made teaching method

The main objective is to help participants develop their ability to communicate in French. Themes for the lessons are chosen according to the needs and interests of each student. Participants are divided into class groups of no more than 7, which allows teachers to provide personalised support to each student.

Ongoing immersion in the French language 

Learning a foreign language is a challenge, this is why we focus on providing the best conditions to learn and practise French with total peace of mind. Therefore, during their stay at the centre, students are asked to only communicate with each other in French. It allows them to continually improve their command of the language and to help each other progress. We offer a training course specifically designed for beginners which provides them with the necessary tools to immerse themselves quickly and with confidence in the French language and culture.

In addition, a small community of sisters accompany the students outside of lessons and join them for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, in French!

Quality education

Employees of the centre, all teachers are graduated in in FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and two of them are qualified examiners for the DELF exam (French Language Studies Diploma). In May 2021, all teachers completed a training course in the verbo-tonal method: an approach of phonetic correction that helps students make significant progress in French pronunciation.

Course structure

The programme includes intensive classes in the morning and language laboratory as well as personal supervised study in the afternoon.

12 courses are organised each year from January to mid-December. Each course lasts for 4 weeks, except for the 2 courses in July and August which are 5 weeks each.

Each participant can take as many courses as he or she needs in order to achieve his or her personal goals. On average participants take 3 courses, but this can vary based on the individual’s objectives and availability.

At the beginning of each course, all levels of competences are admitted (from beginner to advanced).

Classes take place from Monday to Friday (35 hours of training per week). Weekends are free.

The online courses KONEK-T

If students are not able to attend the centre in person, we offer several online French language courses. Students partake in between 8 and 20 hours of distance learning per session which can be tailored to their availability and needs. Students can participate in online-lessons with a teacher, or have the possibility to complete set work independently, which is then reviewed by the teacher and feedback given, to enable them to have complete flexibility.

The following courses are available, which can be adapted if required:

  • 📅 From monday to friday
  • ⏲ Around 5h per week.
  • 🚻 Individual, 4h guided and independent learning and 1h on line lesson with a teacher.
  • 📅 Monday, wednesday, friday.
  • ⏲ Around 3h per week.
  • 🚻 In a group, 3h on line lesson + homework given by the teacher.
  • 📅 tuesday & thursday
  • ⏲ Around 2h per week.
  • 🚻 Individual or in a group, on line lesson, or guided, independent teacher-reviewed learning, depending on your needs (write a report, conversation…)
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