Who are we?


Our mission

Created in 1993, Mission-Langues is a French Language Centre serving the Church’s Universal Mission.

 Our main objective is to help priests, religious practitioners and committed laity from all over the world to develop language skills appropriate to their mission:

  • Those sent on mission “ad Gentes” to a French-speaking country
  • Those called to a pastoral mission in Europe
  • Those called to carry out responsibilities within their institution
  • Those pursuing a professional training or a study programme requiring the French language (seminary, novitiate, master’s degree, PhD…)

Our history

After more than 15 years of activities in Banneux, Belgium, Mission-Langues moved to Angers, France, in 2010.

The language programme, the accommodation as well as prayer and community life now all take place in the setting of St. Nicholas Abbey, a historic building, only 10 minutes walk from the city centre.

 This new beginning has been made possible thanks to the commitment of several Church institutions, including:

  • the French Catholic Mission Service
  • the French Conference of Religious Men and Women (CORREF)
  • the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
  • the Diocese of Angers.

Meet our team !

They live their mission in French!

Elisa came in August 2020. Now she is on mission in Tchad.


Listen to former students from Mission-Langues speaking in French on the radio!

Listen to former students

News from the abbey

  • May 2021

Teachers became students for one week! From 17th to 21st of May, we had the opportunity to do a training course on phonetics, with the association Fonetix based in Toulouse. Thanks to their skills, we acquired some important tools in order to help our students improve their French pronunciation.

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